New Cataract Lens Technology

by The Rochester Eye & Laser Team on Jul 3, 2023 10:36:00 AM

If you've ever been unsatisfied with your vision after cataract surgery, you're not alone. That's why the Light Adjustable Lens was created - the first Intraocular Lens (IOL) that allows for customized vision after surgery. Thanks to this groundbreaking technology, Dr. Lindahl can now adjust your vision to your liking after surgery.

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What You Should and Shouldn’t Do After Your Cataract Surgery

by The Rochester Eye & Laser Team on Jun 23, 2022 3:38:43 PM

A cataract occurs when the natural lens in the eye -- which is normally clear -- becomes cloudy. This can distort your vision and make it difficult to read, drive, recognize people, watch TV, and much more. It’s a lot like looking through frosted glass or a window that has fogged up. 
If you notice any changes in your vision due to a cataract, you should schedule a visit with your eye doctor immediately. Some of the symptoms of a cataract include difficulty seeing at night, clouded or blurry vision, sensitivity to light, halos around lights, fading colors, and much more. 
In order to diagnose a cataract, your ...
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Cataract Surgery Options in Rochester

by The Rochester Eye & Laser Team on Apr 1, 2020 12:56:18 PM

In this video Kim Fullone, Former Director of Clinical Services, and Dr. Ken Lindahl explain Cataracts, Cataract Surgery, newer LASER cataract surgery techniques ( bladeless cataract surgery), and the range of new multifocal intraocular lenses and costs available today. These lens options have changed what's possible in cataract surgery.
Watch and listen as Kim Fullone and Dr. Ken Lindahl answers questions from cataract patients like you. 
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