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If you've got questions, you're not alone.  


Here are the answers to some of our

most frequently asked questions about LASIK:


Q.png What does LASIK cost?

On average, LASIK treatment can range from approximately $1,900 per eye for non-customized LASIK to around $2,500 per eye for customized A.pngwavefront-guided procedures using the most sophisticated techniques. A number of variables impact the cost of your LASIK treatment.

Read more about LASIK price variables here.


Q.png Is all Laser Vision Correction the same?

A.pngNo. Although non-customized LASIK is a popular and an effective vision correction solution, it doesn’t correct the individual irregularities and flaws in your eyes.  Zyoptix personalized vision correction system uses wavefront technology, capable of providing customized laser treatment that is unique to each individual eye.


Q.png What is included in my surgical fee?

A.pngWe offer a complementary consultation to ensure you are a great candidate for LASIK.  Your surgical fees cover up to 11 months of follow-up.



Q.png Are you able to correct both eyes at the same time?


Yes! Most patients have LASIK done on both eyes in the same surgical setting.



Q.png Am I a LASIK Candidate?


LASIK® may not be right for everyone, but you may be surprised by the advancements in technology.

Take our free Online LASIK Assessment here to find out!


Q.png Is financing available?


We are proud to offer patient financing through CareCredit. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts are also accepted at Rochester Eye & Laser Center.

Learn more about our finance options here. 


Q.png Is it possible to regain 20/20 vision (or better) after surgery?


Yes! In fact, the data from one U.S. clinical trial of 340 individual eyes shows that 91.5% were corrected to 20/20 or better without glasses or contacts, at the time of their 6 month follow-up examination.


Q.png What if I blink or move during the procedure?


The lasers used by Rochester Eye & Laser Center utilize a high-speed eye tracking system with a response time of milliseconds-much faster than your eye can move. The eye tracker completely neutralizes any eye movements to assure the highest quality treatment and complete patient safety.


Q.png Does it hurt?


Zyoptix personalized laser vision correction is designed to be painless. The procedure is performed in a matter of minutes, minimizing discomfort.



Q.png How long will it take to recover?


You will begin to notice your vision has improved within 1-2 hours of the procedure.  However, upon waking the next day, you’ll notice the most dramatic improvement.  Although your sight will be noticeably improved soon after the procedure’s completion, you should not consider yourself sufficiently recovered enough to drive, until after your first checkup.  Most people resume normal activity the next day.  You should also avoid swimming and contact sports for a week following your procedure.


Q.png Will the results last?


Yes! Zyoptix personalized laser vision correction is permanent. Most people only need one treatment.  However, 5 - 10% of patients may require additional fine-tuning (re-treatment) to achieve optimal vision correction.


Q.png What will happen immediately after the procedure?


You may experience some post-treatment after-effects.  Most are completely normal and dissipate quickly, including dry eyes or a gritty feeling upon waking from long periods of sleep. We will give you drops for this.  Some other temporary effects may include unstable or hazy vision, glare with night vision and overall corneal tenderness.

Read more about the full LASIK experience here.



 Can I have LASIK performed while I am pregnant?


No, performing LASIK on a pregnant or nursing patient is not recommended.  Changes in hormone levels can soften the corneal collagen, causing variable vision and unpredictable results.



 Can I have LASIK performed if I have Diabetes?



Yes, LASIK can be performed on patients with diabetes, provided their diabetes is well controlled.


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