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Don't Let Dry Eyes Hold You Back.
Get Relief with LipiFlow

Dry Eye – A Common Condition

Not Enough Tears

Millions of people suffer from dry eye, a condition that occurs when the eyes do not produce sufficient tears or tears evaporate too quickly. The result is often dry, itchy, stinging, and irritated eyes. A chronic condition, dry eye can worsen over time, and inadequate tears can make daily life frustrating and uncomfortable.

Think you have dry eye?

Take the quiz below to find out.

one Do you experience sensitivity to light, blurred vision, a burning sensation, or discomfort in windy or dry conditions?
two Have you decreased you participation in or experienced discomfort during outdoor activity, reading, watching TV, or using the computer?
Three Do you routinely use eye drops for dryness or irritation?

If you answered, “Yes” to any of these questions, Contact Us to see if you have Dry Eye, and if our LipiFlow®Treatment is Right For You.

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There are two forms of dry eye – evaporative and aqueous. Nearly 90% of those with dry eye have the evaporative form, or MGD. Dr. Lindahl will evaluate your eyes in a series of tests to assess your tear film and the quantity and quality of the oils produced by your glands. These simple exams will determine if you have evaporative dry eye. If so, LipiFlow®, a virtually painless procedure, can treat the cause directly. 


Treat the Root Cause of Evaporative Dry Eye

Lipiflow® Clears Blocked Glands Quickly and Painlessly

If you suffer from evaporative dry eye, Lipiflow® is a gentle and painless procedure that opens and clears blocked glands. Then your eyes can start naturally producing the complex oils that create a healthy tear film. This in-office treatment may even be scheduled on the day of your evaluation.

“So many people experience unnecessary discomfort with dry eye. It may start with mild symptoms that are easy to ignore. But the condition usually worsens over time and impacts daily life. There’s a simple, painless solution to regain eye health and comfort --  Lipiflow®. Come in and see us for an evaluation and learn more about treating your dry eyes. I use Lipiflow® myself for my dry eyes.” Kenneth Lindahl, MD 

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