Dry, Itchy, Watery Eyes? Find Relief with LipiFlow!

by The Rochester Eye & Laser Team on Sep 20, 2018 12:55:39 PM

I treat dry eye very aggressively, with the latest techniques, specifically LipiFlow®, which treats Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), the major cause of Dry Eye.

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Meet The 2018 Eyes on our Heroes Winner!

by The Rochester Eye & Laser Team on Sep 10, 2018 4:36:33 PM

Every year, in honor of September 11th, The Rochester Eye & Laser Center honors those who work and sacrifice to protect us each day, by awarding free LASIK Laser Vision Correction Surgery to a deserving, local first responder.

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Have You Fallen For These 5 LASIK Myths?

by The Rochester Eye & Laser Team on Aug 31, 2018 2:54:00 PM

If you are curious about LASIK, vision correction, you may be confused about different claims you’ve heard. Test your understanding to see if you’ve fallen for five common LASIK myths.

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