6 Signs It's Time For New Glasses

by The Rochester Eye & Laser Team on Feb 12, 2020 12:53:06 PM

When was the last time you got new glasses? Headaches, eye strain, squinting, these are all reasons it could be time to have an eye exam. Here are 6 signs your glasses are due for an update:

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Do Bright Lights Bother Your Eyes?

by The Rochester Eye & Laser Team on Feb 5, 2020 4:46:05 PM

Are your eyes bothered by bright lights? There’s a name for that. It’s called photophobia. Eye discomfort can be caused by any light source including the sun, fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs. Photophobia is characterized by a need to squint or close your eyes, and even some headaches may be caused by light sensitivity.  

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5 Smart Money Moves to Make in Your 20s

by The Rochester Eye & Laser Team on Feb 4, 2020 10:36:00 AM

After landing your first “real” job and renting your first apartment without roommates, you’re finally starting to feel like an adult. However, despite the fact that you’re earning good money for the first time, you’re still not quite sure what to do with the funds coming in.

It’s normal to feel financially lost in your 20s, but the decisions you make now will affect your finances for years to come. Instead of letting your money sit idle or spending it as fast as it comes in, take these steps to set yourself up for a secure financial future.

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