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Clearly Better Vision with LASIK

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$400 Off LASIK

See more, play more, experience more.

No glasses. No contacts. No hassles. 

Freedom to enjoy life in new ways.

Fumbling to find glasses to see the alarm clock? Shuffling between reading and distance glasses – and losing them? Weary of contact lens care and the discomfort lenses sometimes cause? LASIK eye surgery is clearly better! 

See clearly better now!

Realize the benefits of better vision immediately after LASIK. You’ll be back to your busy life the next day – only better!

See more, play more, 

experience more with LASIK now! 

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See More

“Life is so much easier after LASIK!”

“I was amazed at the immediate improvement in my life. I’m a mom, and our busy family life is so much easier without glasses and contacts to manage!”

— Jone Smith

Play More

“LASIK is a home run!”

“I love Rochester community softball, but with my poor vision, it was hard for me to follow the action. After LASIK, I could see! I play with more confidence and I’m having more fun.”

— Jim Fredericks

Experience More

“I wish I’d done it sooner.”

“Once I’d had LASIK, I regretted how long I’d waited for such a beautiful gift. I’m a time-starved professional, my energy and outlook on life have improved because I can see the world around me so much better now.”

— Sarah Cross


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Find the Right Treatment First

We start with the basics:

Do you want to see distant objects more clearly? Do you struggle to read restaurant menus? Are you lost without your glasses or contacts? Treatment will depend on your personal goals.


The LASIK Experience

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Dr. Lindahl M.D.

The Best LASIK Technology available performed by the Best LASIK Surgeon in Rochester.

At your first appointment, you’ll meet your surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Lindahl. He will examine your eyes to diagnose the best treatment for your vision goals.

Dr. Lindahl trained at the University of Rochester and has more than 25 years’ experience with cataract, laser, corneal and refractive surgery. Dr. Lindahl has personally had bilateral LASIK surgery.


LASIK Benefits

Immediate Vision Improvement


35 Million LASIK Procedures

The Procedure

Fast. Advanced Technology

Your LASIK Experience

Step-by-step to better vision

Our team of specialists will support you through your LASIK procedure, from your very first visit to your last post-operative check-up. Most of us have received LASIK ourselves, so we understand your questions and concerns at each phase:


Determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK in a free consultation with Dr. Lindahl. This is the most important step if you’re considering LASIK. 




Once you’ve been approved for LASIK, we will set your surgery date, answer further questions, and review the results of our advanced diagnostics to map custom surgery for each eye. 



When you are comfortably settled and prepared, Dr. Lindahl will start your procedure which will take just 10 minutes per eye and is virtually painless. 




You’ll be ready to return home shortly after surgery, but have someone available to drive. You should experience no pain, notice better vision within 2 hours, and most patients return to work the next day. 


LASIK may not be right for everyone...

...but you'd be surprised by the recent advancements in technology!

Deciding if LASIK is the best treatment option to help you achieve your vision goals sets you well on your path to clearly better vision! Take our FREE assessment to see if you are a potential candidate for LASIK® Laser Vision Correction by clicking the button below.
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Is it difficult to recognize people from far away? Are you having trouble reading road signs while driving? Do you rely on glasses or contacts?


Do you have trouble with both distance and reading vision? Are you managing multiple pair of glasses or contacts to see anything?



Feel like you never to have the right glasses with you? Is it a hastle to read work screens, menus at restaurants, or text on your phone?