The Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery in Rochester New York

Posted by The Rochester Eye & Laser Team on Mar 19, 2019 11:38:20 AM

 Closeup of human eye, macro modeLASIK eye surgery is one of America’s most popular elective surgeries. Millions of people who suffered from less-than-perfect eyesight have found the new-found freedom from glasses and contacts that LASIK can provide.  However, LASIK is also very cost effective. While many who inquire about this procedure experience a shock over the sticker price- about $1,500-$2,000 per eye- this is a permanent solution to problems with eyesight. Glasses and contact lenses can cost hundreds, even thousands more over a person’s lifetime, making LASIK a much more fiscally sound option. 


What is LASIK and How Is It Performed?

LASIK is an acronym for Laser-Assisted in-Situ Keratomileusis, which means that a laser is used to alter the shape of the cornea. This procedure involves creating a flap in the eye with a metal blade or specialized laser. Numbing drops are applied before the flap is created to keep the eye stationary and the procedure pain-free. The cornea is then reshaped, and the flap is replaced.

While some blurriness and discomfort may occur immediately following the procedure, improvement in vision occurs almost instantly for most patients and only continues to improve throughout recovery and beyond. 

The Danger in “Cheap” LASIK

Your sight is one of your most precious possessions. LASIK surgery should be seen as an investment that will pay dividends for years to come, not as something to try to obtain at the lowest possible cost.  Like any investment, what you put into it determines what you will get out.  Some surgeons offer less expensive options for LASIK surgery, going as low as $300 per eye, and it could be for a variety of reasons:

The surgeon is not experienced - In many of these cases, a surgeon is building a patient base.  They may be willing to take lower compensation in order to gain experience and increase their patient volume.  This is not always the best scenario for a patient as physician experience directly influences complication rates.   

The technology is outdated- Like most areas of medicine, LASIK is constantly evolving and improving. Some of these cheaper options are using older equipment or non-customized surgical plans. While these technologies can be effective, use of the newest and most precise equipment is the best way to ensure that you are getting the best outcome.

Hidden costs and fees- It’s also widespread practice for these surgeons to include hidden fees. While the cost of the procedure itself is low, consultation fees and appointments can add up to hundreds of dollars more than the original advertised amount.

Why Pay More for LASIK?

To put it simply, when it comes to your sight, bargain-hunting may not be the best strategy. Our team at the Rochester Eye and Laser Center has successfully performed this operation thousands of times over the years, and we pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive testing and latest technologies. Come see us for a free consultation and experience the life-changing effects of Custom LASIK.  And please check out the rest of our site. We offer lots of information for you to make an informed choice. Check out LASIK FAQs here.

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