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New Year, New Vision!

New Year, New Vision!

To a happy and healthy 2021

Are you ready for 2021?

Will you make the standard list of resolutions – all with the best of intentions to put yourself first? It’s tempting to make up our minds to lose weight, stop smoking, start exercising, make new friends, and try different hobbies or activities at the fresh start of a new year. But usually, sometime around mid-February, regular life routines kick back in, and we often put resolutions on the back burner or out of our minds entirely.

But there’s one resolution you can make now to improve your happiness and well-being forever, and it doesn’t involve counting calories or steps, or trying to make new habits – improving your vision with LASIK vision correction. All you have to do is call Rochester Eye and Laser Center at 585-232-2560, or schedule your free consultation online at www.rochestereyecenter.com

When Dr. Kenneth Lindahl evaluates you as a good candidate, surgery can be scheduled quickly, and you’re on your way to a lifelong change that will free you of the hassles and expense of glasses and/or contact lenses. Think of the happy mornings in 2021 when you wake and actually can see the alarm clock without fumbling for your glasses!

An astonishing number of people around the world -- more than 20 million -- have had LASIK. By correcting the shape of the corneas with advanced LASIK technologies, Dr. Lindahl can correct your nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism and simplify and enhance your life in the process. This is one resolution that won’t fall by the wayside – instead, you’ll enjoy better vision for the rest of your life. Be inspired to enjoy life a lot more without the worries and expense of

  • Losing your contacts
  • Breaking your glasses
  • Buying expensive wetting and cleaning solutions
  • Taking your contacts out at night

After LASIK, no ophthalmologist (including Dr. Lindahl) can guarantee 20/20 vision, but with Rochester Eye and Laser Contoura Vision, we obtain over 99%+ of eyes 20/20. So don’t assume that near-perfect vision isn’t possible in 2021. Dr. Lindahl has over 25 years of clinical experience in Rochester, and was one of the first in Rochester to have LASIK. He has a great track record, and he offers a free comprehensive exam to make sure the procedure is right for you. If it is, the odds of great vision are in your favor.

Make your New Year’s resolution today to see more, experience more, and play more. Contact Rochester Eye and Laser Center at 585-232-2560 to schedule a free LASIK Consultation and ask questions, including about our convenient LASIK financing. Or schedule an appointment online at www.rochestereyecenter.com. Then have a Happy New Year and sail into 2021 with the joy and confidence few other resolutions can give you – clearly better vision, for life!

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