What is CONTOURA® Vision LASIK treatment?

Posted by The Rochester Eye & Laser Team on Oct 31, 2017 11:30:00 AM

Contoura VisionCONTOURA® Vision is a topography-guided LASIK treatment that is the latest FDA approved LASIK eye surgery technology available in the U.S.

This new technology has unique capabilities that provides Ophthalmologist, Ken Lindahl at the Rochester Eye and Laser Center, a greater degree of personalization.  No other LASIK procedure available in the U.S. is this precise and individualized.  The procedure is redefining the term “quality of vision” with studies showing that many patients experienced better vision than they ever did with glasses or contact lenses.

CONTOURA® Vision is technology tailored to you!

Just like your fingerprint is unique to you, CONTOURA® Vision creates a LASIK procedure that's completely unique to your eyes.CONTOURA® Vision precisely maps up to 22,000 unique elevation points on each of your eyes.

Some CONTOURA® Vision statistics you may be interested in:

92.6% of eyes treated with CONTOURA® Vision achieved 20/20 vision or better

30.9% of patients found that CONTOURA® Vision outperformed their glasses and contacts 

98.4% of patients would get CONTOURA® Vision again

People who had CONTOURA® Vision experienced:

  • Reduced light sensitivity
  • Reduced difficulty driving at night
  • Reduced difficulty reading
  • Reduced glare
  • Reduced starbursts
  • Reduced halos

While CONTOURA® Vision has been shown to be safe and effective, it’s still surgery. And like any surgical procedure, there can be complications and side effects. Make sure to discuss the risks and benefits of CONTOURA® Vision with Dr. Ken Lindahl, so you can make the informed decision that’s best for you, and your eyes.

Interested in learning more? Come in for a free LASIK Consultation with Dr. Ken Lindahl and learn about the benefits of CONTOURA® Vision.

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