Give Your Eyes A Break!

Posted by The Rochester Eye & Laser Team on Oct 17, 2017 1:51:32 PM

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Your first conscious action of the day: awkwardly flounder for your smartphone to stop the dreadful noise.

Sound familiar? According to The Vision Council’s Digital Eye Strain Report, using your phone as an alarm is standard procedure for around 55% of us.

Lazy woman in bed waking up and yawning.jpegBLINK BLINK BLINK



Sit up, wipe eye goobers away, half-heartedly debate the consequences of calling in sick to today’s required adulting. Check phone notifications to clear the icons. 

Ok, cool… the world didn’t fall apart overnight.


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Silent internal tantrum over having to leave the warmth of the blanket, check Facebook, check email, check current weather conditions…


*Feet on the floor*



Cell phones have become an increasingly necessary part of our early morning routine. For many of us, the next 8 hours involve even more time in front of digital screens. We sit at computers, often with several monitors, working the day away.

Woman use of the tablet pc at night.jpegUpon returning home, our cell phones are with us virtually wherever we go.  We play Candy Crush or go Pokemon-ing, chat with distant family via messenger, Google local events for something interesting going on this weekend, take selfies, post photos of our kids and pets, maybe even figure out dinner, right from our phones.

These days our phones play a variety of roles; social planner, gaming device, cookbook, calculator, workout tracker.  It’s an infinite volume library of information at your fingertips, available on a moment’s notice, to confirm to Deborah in Operations that yes, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson WAS in that movie. 

double exposure of young designer working with blank screen smart phone and computer in bed as concept.jpegAs a result of the time we spend in front of computer monitors and laptops, on tablets, or scrolling smartphones (often using multiple devices simultaneously), it’s quite common to experience digital eyestrain or fatigue.

Patients often report fearing they have a serious vision problem. Some patients experience persistent headaches and blurry vision at the end of their day. One thing most patients don’t initially consider: the amount of time they spend on various digital devices, throughout the course of an average day. +There are some steps you can take to help avoid experiencing the symptoms of digital eyestrain. 

Doctors recommend the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, focus on an object approximately 20 feet away, for 20 seconds. 

Think of it like getting up to stretch your legs.  It gives your eyes a chance to take a break from focusing at such a close range. Also, holding digital devices at arm’s length will help your eyes focus.

Lighting can also help decrease or alleviate the symptoms of digital eyestrain. Try dimming your computer’s screen a bit, or using lamps instead of overhead lighting to reduce screen glare.

At The Rochester Eye & Laser Center, an annual eye exam provides the perfect chance for us to check-in with you about your device habits, screen time and how they impact your vision, so give us a call to schedule today

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