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Advanced Intraocular Lenses (IOLs)

Medicare and a majority of health insurance plans usually cover most of the cataract surgery along with a standard cataract lens.

This will give you the clear vision that cataracts have obstructed. But if you needed glasses for distance or reading before cataract surgery, it is likely that you will still need them afterwards.

That is because some vision disorders are not related to the lens – they are the result of irregularities of the cornea. In our evaluation consultation, we may recommend LASIK vision correction along with cataract surgery to correct refractive error such as nearsightedness or farsightedness resulting from the shape of the cornea.

Advanced IOLs for Distance and Close Up Vision 

If your goal after cataract surgery is excellent vision without glasses or contacts, Rochester Eye and Laser Center offers Advanced Multifocal or Accommodating IOLs for a continuous range of vision correction well into your future. These Advanced IOLs provide correction for both near and distance vision and everything in between.

It is important to precisely measure the focusing power of the new lens for your vision goals, so Dr. Lindahl will work closely with you to determine the best Advanced IOL option for you.

Advanced lenses are not covered by Medicare and are available for an additional charge, up to $2,500 per eye. Discuss costs and payment options with our staff when you have your evaluation. We use the following brands of IOLs to help our patients see more clearly:


The Tecnis lens is a foldable multifocal lens made of acrylic, with a unique optic design that provides excellent distance and near vision and good intermediate vision in any lighting condition. The lens features a series of rings that work together to focus light at far, near, and in between distances.

Because of this unique design, the Tecnis multifocal provides high quality vision even in low illumination situations, like dimly lit restaurants. Some patients may need assistance for certain intermediate vision tasks, such as computer work, easily addressed with part-time reading glasses or simply moving the monitor closer.


TECNIS Symfony® Toric

Tecnis Symfony Toris.jpg

Similar to the Tecnis, the ReSTOR is a multifocal lens that provides excellent far and near vision, and good vision for intermediate distances. The center zone of the ReSTOR lens features a series of tiny steps that work together to focus light for near through distance vision. In addition to this central region, a surrounding outer ring is dedicated to focusing light for distance. As with the Tecnis, some patients may require part time glasses for intermediate vision tasks, such as computer work. 

Tecnis Multifocal

An accommodative IOL, the Crystalens AOs hinged design allows the lens to move forward when the eye attempts to focus on near objects, restoring some of the accommodative function for farsighted patients.

The Crystalens AO works most like the eye’s natural lens, where the optic, or part of the IOL that you see through, moves back and forth with the changing focus on images around you, near and far. The Crystalens AO provides excellent distance vision, and its clear advantage is middle vision making this lens a good choice for those who often work on a computer. Most Crystalens AO patients will likely require glasses for small print reading.


With all IOLs, some patients may experience a “halo sensation” immediately after the procedure, but this effect diminishes quite soon.

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