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Considering LASIK surgery? Take the time to educate yourself by conducting thorough research and consulting with Dr. Lindahl, the esteemed LASIK surgeon in Rochester. And to pique your interest, here are seven fascinating facts about laser eye surgery that might surprise you.

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number one in 3D isolated over a white background.jpegASTIGMATISMS WELCOME!

In fact, LASIK is particularly beneficial for individuals with astigmatism. This innovative procedure is specifically designed to reshape the ovular cornea, effectively correcting astigmatism and improving vision.

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Contrary to popular belief, LASIK surgery does not involve the use of hot lasers. While lasers are often associated with heat, LASIK actually utilizes a "cool-beam," high-energy laser that only targets specific tissues for vaporization. So, rest assured, there's no need to break a sweat during the procedure.

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The laser technology used in LASIK surgery is truly fascinating. It's amazing to think that the very same lasers used to create semiconductor and computer chips are also used to improve our vision. It's a perfect combination of humanity and machinery, all made possible by this incredible laser technology.

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To guarantee precision, every LASIK system is equipped with high-speed video imaging that tracks the slightest movement of your eye. This means the system must be faster than you to ensure it stays on track. While a human has a reaction time of 20–30 milliseconds, the laser operates at an astonishing speed of 2–3 milliseconds. Its lightning-fast response ensures accurate and efficient results during the LASIK procedure.

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LASIK may be a surgical procedure, but don't let that scare you. In fact, it's a remarkably fast surgery. On average, each eye only takes about ten minutes to complete the LASIK procedure. So, you'll be in and out of the operating room in no time, with improved vision to boot.

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Results are not far off when it comes to LASIK surgery. Although it may take some time for your eyes to fully experience the effects, many patients have been astounded by the noticeable differences even immediately after surgery.

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While it is true that most insurance providers do not typically cover the cost of LASIK surgery, there are some that offer discounts or various forms of coverage through employee health plans and Flexible Spending Accounts. It never hurts to inquire, so be sure to check with your individual insurance carrier(s) for more information. Additionally, we also provide special financing options for LASIK to make it more accessible for our patients.

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